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Chest X-Rays for Immigration

If you’ve been told you need a chest x-ray with your NZ visa application, we can help.

We are on Immigration NZ’s list of accepted radiologists. An x-ray is considered safe and painless. It shows the structure of your chest by passing beams through your body. Very dense parts like bones and metal show up clearly as white, and less dense areas show up as black or grey. This allows radiologists to detect any abnormalities. Our x-ray technology generates a digital image immediately, and then our radiologist will write a report for your doctor or Immigration New Zealand.

No appointment necessary, walk-ins welcome.

What you need to know

You must have a Chest X-ray  if:

  • you are applying for residence, or

  • you are applying for a temporary entry class visa and you intend to stay longer than 12 months,

  • you are applying for a temporary entry class visa and you intend to stay between six to 12 months and you are from, or have visited, a place that is not on Immigration New Zealand’s list of countries, areas and territories with a low incidence of tuberculosis (TB) List of Countries with a low incidence of TB .

Children under 11 years of age and women who are pregnant are not required to undergo a chest X-ray examination unless requested by INZ.

When you attend for your chest x-ray please bring the following documents with you:

  • your x-ray referral form that the Dr will have given you at the time of your medical examination

  • your immigration documentation (detailing your eMedical case number)

  • a suitable identity document as you need to prove your identity when you have a chest x-ray.

Acceptable identity documents:

You can prove your identity using a valid, original passport.


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