Phone: 07 839 3999

Hire a Consultation Room - Phone Ian: 027 485 5221

Take the hassle out of owning or managing rooms. We have top quality medical rooms available, by the hour, day, week, or year. Costs can be from FREE, upwards, depending on what you require and the time of the use.

We can provide quality receptionist and nursing services, to help make life easier for you and your clients. We can help you with designing your website, setting up a marketing campaign, or Bill Board advertising. We will also be more than happy to host you on our website, if required.

As we are right beside the Accident and Medical at the Anglesea Medical Complex, there are always 24 hour Urgent Medical Care available. Please call or message us NOW, so we can meet for a coffee at Cucina CafĂ©, and discuss what we can do for you.   

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Weekdays: 7.30am - 11pm

Weekend: 8am - 11pm

Public Holidays: 8am - 11pm

OPENING HOURS - Weekdays:  7.30am - 11pmWeekend:  8am - 11pmPublic Holidays: 8am - 11pm

We are located in Gate 1 and 2 of the Anglesea Medical Complex.

9 Thackeray St, Hamilton Central

VISIT US - We are located in Gate 1 and 2 of the Anglesea Medical Complex.9 Thackeray St, Hamilton Central

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